Having your own build a bear party could not be easier with our Home Party Kits.  We have a lovely range of both large 16" bears or smaller 8" bears to make, all our bears and animals are no sew and really easy for little hands to stuff.  Pick the party size close to the number you want as extra bears can be added as you go through the order process and don't forget you can choose from any of the bears that we have listed as build your own bear kits to make up your party pack.

Give each child their chosen bear, show them how to open the velcro strip at the back and ease out the white pocket. Hand out the individual bags of our lovely soft stuffing, (which we hope will minimise the mess) and let them start - just keep an eye on the paws and legs to make sure they get some stuffing before the tummys get too fat!  When everyone's happy and they have 'cuddle tested' their new friend share out the satin hearts, get the children to hold them tight and make a wish before popping them inside with the stuffing.  It's now time to close the bears up, pull the cable tie tight and snip off the end before popping the pocket back inside and closing the velcro and the bears are finished!

Now it's official adoption time, each bear or animal has it's own adoption certificate for the children to fill out so it's an idea to make sure you have enough pens to hand.

As a further activity we recommend designing and decorating a white t shirt for the bears to wear, it works well to give the children a t shirt outline on paper for them to put down their ideas before giving them the fabric t-shirts to draw on.  It is also helpful to place a piece of card insert inside each t shirt to help keep it straight and to prevent the fabric pens running through to the back.

Most importantly - have fun!